Love Shanghai two upgrade algorithm takes you to experience what content is king

16 Sep 2017 admin

hit spam every search engine is the eternal mission, combat spam is actually every year, but this year is particularly strict. Love Shanghai two times all around the content update algorithm, and this is the strength of the affected site of hitherto unknown, is hitherto unknown. But I was in the reflection of a thing, I love to see whether Shanghai by these two algorithms to upgrade our webmaster a hint, seems to suggest that you don’t waste the webmaster provide, or you are tired of me. You have a station is not easy, I included your site to occupy a space, more resources in the process of calculation, so we still do stand, do not know if you have this understanding.

I talk about what I know about the content of the quality problem, a WP of my blog, used to update the content, the snapshot is the next day, but since June 21st has been no longer updated. Until a month after I complained about love in Shanghai before returning to the snapshot, snapshot day, but then not updated. I judge this inside with content related to quality, because every time I published "

said that you cannot go the old way, you might ask what is your new ideas now? If you want to do long-term business is to really step by step, the website content must be original degree reached 80%. In the early stage of search engine although not your website user experience is good through the data to know, but at least you know the content of the website is not original. I found that the current love of Shanghai has made great progress in the original and pseudo original acquisition and the content of this piece, because I love Shanghai for these recognition ability can be strengthened, launched the two such large-scale update algorithm. So everyone in the early site of the strengthening of high quality original content must, if you love Shanghai know most of what your site is the acquisition of the beginning. Your trust in the love of Shanghai’s eyes greatly reduced, after operation than others much harder to catch up with the others.

if you are such an understanding, that our site really is to proceed from the content quality. Say goodbye to that copy and paste and pseudo original times should be. Recently heard some group recently heard some people say the new station is difficult to do, before a week began to love Shanghai included, now ten days for twenty days, and even said the website on-line a month are not included. In fact, the first to find the cause from our own website, index your website is not according to the optimization guide to love Shanghai. In the content of this is not thought, because I know that in a website, content to be very much, so many webmaster love collecting some content rich website once in the early, make their sites on-line as soon as possible. Shorten the time, before this method the author is used, or can, at least a week past, home will be included, within one month of the total release of several pages. But now this situation can not in the old way of thinking.

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