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16 Sep 2017 admin

a lot of Shanghai dragon may be found to have such a doubt, the website every day I updated ah, every day to send the original or false original articles, and published articles can also love Shanghai included, but why website snapshot always love Shanghai every few days instead of an update the day. Suizhou Shanghai dragon to test for a long time and finally found the way to keep updated every day snapshot of love Shanghai, now share it with me to have the same question of Shanghai dragon er.

now a lot of attention to the exchange Links website PR value in the lower, love Shanghai snapshot update frequency is an important standard for many Links exchange website, website snapshot update every day to keep love Shanghai, Suizhou Shanghai dragon will ensure you get a lot of high quality of the chain.


do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends love WordPress and Z-blog blog program, the reason of Suizhou Shanghai dragon unspecified said, please refer to this article: Suizhou Shanghai dragon blog website construction you choose WordPress or Z-Blog. Suizhou Shanghai dragon that do a lot of good blog, is the next day snapshot. Why the construction site with WordPress and Z-blog blog program can make love every day update snapshot Shanghai. Many of my friends would say that is because the WordPress and Z-blog to the search engine is friendly, that in the end where friendly. That is because WordPress and Z-blog blog program in home prominent position calls one or several articles in the website for the latest update, this article, more than 70% of the content of the website is updated. Such a large area of the update page, updated snapshot will certainly love Shanghai. Suizhou Shanghai dragon only seem to remember the teacher said that more than 30% home page content after the update, the snapshot will update the love of Shanghai. So we don’t like the WordPress and Z-blog program as these blogs on the website home page calls the latest articles, but I can call the latest article introduction, this will not affect the layout, and can achieve the effect of Shanghai dragon. We can see the station: I love Shanghai wrecker, is basically a snapshot of the next day, unless that day not updated, not updated snapshot not update. Of course, this is the premise.

address: 贵族宝贝szcxdl贵族宝贝/ tg/ tg_88.html Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng author Suizhou Shanghai dragon, please indicate the source.

website optimization (Shanghai dragon) love Shanghai snapshot every day update is very important, if your site is updated every day in Shanghai in love, you don’t have to listen to the Suizhou Shanghai dragon here. But if you want to do a little easier, then look down Suizhou, Shanghai dragon share: recruit let website the snapshot is updated every day love Shanghai.

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