n addition to the four pests website optimization

29 Nov 2017 admin

two, a lot of content


, a chain of harmful


chain can play a role to enhance user stickiness, but also can improve the correlation of the page, highlight the theme. But the chain is also not recklessly, to keep the link of natural harmony, change to the page does not change the unambiguous, pointing to a page not far fetched. Many people love to the home page for the anchor text in a lot of content inside, which in the past may really be able to play a very good role, but for now is not suitable, the internal links too much to the home page, even if you can increase the weight of home page, then the other column or channel, the weight of sub directory not come, the home is not "streaking"? No foil >

In addition to the

three, the chain spread

website optimization, such as almost everyone is trying to do the content, original and pseudo original, can use the method of collection, use the. Of course, the more high quality content, search engines more naturally is a good thing, but the problem is that the content quality can be assured? No more quality content the higher the risk, in fact, and the chain is the same situation. In fact, what kind of content is high quality? Is only the original enough? The search engine spiders love the original, but not to say that the original content must be of high quality. The key is whether the contents of the user’s taste. If the content of your site, but users read the content of this head, the more the greater the risk of website optimization, why do you say that? When a large number of users to see your content as soon as relentless trip, will give a signal to the search engine, website jump out rate is too high, certainly not the website users favorite.

said this point I believe that many owners want to Paizhuan, not to say that the chain the more the better? There is a misunderstanding, the high quality of the chain of more and more widely of course is a good thing, here we talked about the chain spread, refers to those duplicate content, meaningless, just send the chain of garbage, a lot of people in order to improve the chain will use mass tools to forum, website information, this will result in a short time a large number of the chain, of course, the search engine pages may be "single accept", but after a period of time through the search engine review or change the algorithm will appear a large number of the chain disappeared, you say you see. Pay attention to the quality of the chain, and pay more attention to the universality and style diversification, but the spread of taboo.

We all know the importance of

Shanghai Dragon Rising do optimization do well, have not heard what the bottleneck, with Shanghai when Long Fengru like bamboo shoots after a spring rain on both sides of the Changjiang River blossom everywhere, a lot of people feel more powerless to do Shanghai dragon. Why is there such a situation? Nanning Shanghai dragon bold guess, more and more site optimization, search engine is more and more difficult, perhaps this is the so-called Shanghai dragon competition more and more because of it. The search engine will always want to appear the best things to the user. When it comes to website optimization, we have to talk about "four".

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