The rapid development of network learning network

29 Nov 2017 admin


      rapid decline reason:

you look at this site after my analysis, the chain is not much, included only more than 70 (peak reached thousands), love Shanghai weight is 2, no cheating. This site will last? Why this site can achieve rapid development, and rapid decline?

can last a long time, you will see is not really running, or just for a moment of satisfaction to the flow.


      learning network, inspirational world content is limited, so will cause the same page too much love, so Shanghai will have to stop cheating and suppressing it. We don’t stop this station? The answer is definitely denied.

rapid development of reason: each page is the keyword

then we will focus on why this site will develop rapidly.

: rejection reasons the readability is not high to

this site has a common place is the title and content of the article involves a lot of key words. For example, this site is the title of long tail keywords, the weight can be very normal rapid accumulation. The famous words, people often search on the half line, the content in the second half of the sentence, so there is a long tail keywords ranking. There are owners ask, why

is the world many webmaster network inspirational motivation, a lot of people with idioms Daquan, quotes the website, however, also won the love of Shanghai return many webmaster. However, the webmaster you do this station will last? Give you a very bad news, the world has been pulled maoulen inspirational home page are not left. While some do not like the world as inspirational cheat to obtain the very good ranking site will gradually decline.

      many in the world after the inspirational blindly follow the trend of related sites, and the rapid accumulation of weight, get the webmaster group show and discuss the future of how to develop the site. Stand in a row in the forum in the QQ group, many webmaster proposed "first brand flow" proposal. However, your content you have, there will be others. Famous quotes on so many, all that you provide, I have all the love to Shanghai included one? Idioms are also so many, and from where you made so many idioms?

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