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12 Aug 2019 admin

first_imgTravel Monitor’s very own Kate Webster has worked as a travel journalist for the past 5 years, during which time she has sat as editor across travel trade and consumer publications.With a total of 13 years in the industry, covering roles including a travel consultant, corporate consultant, airline reservations and wholesale reservations, Kate found her niche in working in the media side of the industry.This week, Kate discusses all things travel in Talking Travel.What does your job involve?I work under my business Captured Travel Media, freelancing and contracting to a number of roles. These include reporting on travel trade news, covering features, doing interviews and reviews for Travel Monitor; editor in chief across 5 websites including,,, and; consulting as an account manager in Public Relations with Dammerer-Nichols PR and freelancing as a travel writer and photographer.What do you enjoy most about your profession?It is so diverse and varied. Every day is different and every day I seem to learn something new. Obviously, the travel is amazing, and I have had some experiences I only ever dreamed off. Most of all I enjoy the people in the industry and that I meet along the way.What are the biggest challenges for you in your profession? Wifi and connection is one challenge that I struggle with. Deadlines wait for no-one, so I have often found myself in situations where I have driven miles, taken small boats or climbed mountains to get to wi-fi. The rise of the influencer and amateur blogger has also made my job difficult. It is great that people are getting into travel writing and blogging but starting from the bottom and working your way up means doing the hard yards – not just whipping out the credit card to buy your audience. Last of all, I am challenged daily by a list of places I want to visit that never stops growing even when I am ticking many of the places off.What do you think are the biggest challenges the industry faces?The travel industry needs to stay relevant and embrace the changes. There is a place for travel writers and photographers to be of value to businesses in the industry and this goes beyond just a photo on Instagram. Transparency in this is vital. I think burnout is a big problem in this industry too – from travel consultants to hotel staff. I see it a lot. The travel industry is made up of passionate people who do it for the love of it. Sometimes, it is important for a bit of self-love too and have a break.What do you think will be the biggest game changer in the travel industry in the next 12 months’?Hopefully the ban on single use plastic and truly sustainable, eco-friendly practices. As more travellers become conscious of their decisions, this will hopefully put the pressure on the industry as a whole to change. How many travel agencies still hand out plastic ticket wallets? How many hotels are still stocking plastic straws? The industry as a whole needs to get on board with this.Who inspires you most and why?The people I meet when travelling inspire me to no end. Then of course, there is Richard Branson, a man who has always inspired me that the sky (and space even) is the limit when chasing your dreams.Who would you invite on your next holiday if you could choose anyone and where would you go?I would take surfer Mick Fanning and go to Skeleton Bay in Namibia, take David Attenborough with me to the Amazon and my mum to see the pandas in China. You can email Kate at [email protected] Kate’s travels at Captured Travel MediaKate WebsterTalking Travellast_img

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