Wii 2 controller has camera 6inch display stylus

1 Sep 2019 admin

first_imgAs we get closer to June 7, and the start of E3 in Los Angeles, the rumors and leaks are going to increase about what the Wii 2 reveal by Nintendo will consist of.We saw a video of a developer meeting yesterday that had the Wii 2 running, as well as a presentation showing the design of the case and the controller. Today, more details are starting to appear about that tech-heavy controller.Develop has been told by an “insider” that the controller houses a large 6-inch display that has the option of input via a stylus. We knew the screen was going to be present, but we didn’t realize how large it would be.The other surprise inclusion is a front-facing camera. This is thought to play a part in some games to allow you to capture images for use in-game e.g. using your own mug shot to represent your character. This is a feature Nintendo is thought to be using in forthcoming 3DS games such as the Star Fox 64 remake.Until June 7 all such information remains rumor and speculation. We don’t doubt Nintendo has a number of surprises up its sleeve and will surely get gamers talking about its new hardware.Read more at DevelopMatthew’s OpinionA 6-inch display embedded in the controller sounds a little big to us. If you think how large a 4-inch smartphone is, then add 2-inches and a bunch of standard joypad controllers around it. That’s one large, heavy controller. So that part of the rumor we remain unconvinced about.A stylus also sounds counterintuitive. Nintendo will want games played on a TV with quick input through the controller. Having to reach for a stylus mid-game to make an input sounds messy. However, it could just be optional and allow mini-games to be played with the player’s full attention on their controller screen.last_img

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