The iPhone 8 Will Be Revealed September 12

20 Sep 2019 admin

first_imgUPDATE: Apple itself has now confirmed this date is real. The next iPhone will make its debut on September 12, 10 A.M. Pacific Time as the first event in the new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.I’m a very qualified Apple fan. I prefer PCs to Macs. I love my iPad but think it’s ultimately unnecessary. And while I never looked back after jumping from Android to iOS, I think every recent iPhone that isn’t the iPhone SE has just gotten worse with their needlessly large screens and lack of headphone jacks.The iPhone is a decade old now, so if there’s any time to show how the product will continue to be a massive success for the next ten years, that time is now. We already knew we didn’t have to wait much longer since iPhone events always happen this time of year, but now we might have an exact date. The future of iPhone may be revealed on Tuesday, September 12.via Nodus and Gordon KellyThat report comes from Mac4Ever, which is claiming that Apple has told carriers to expect the event that day. So this is by no means confirmed, but again, given past iPhone fall events, September 12 isn’t a crazy prediction. Official pre-orders and sales should go up not too long after this reveal.More exciting is what we might see on September 12. Like I said before, recent iPhone disappointments mean I don’t follow the device as closely as I used to. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t rumors to dredge up.Our previous stories have suggested that the next iPhone, whether it’s an iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s or both, will feature an elongated, 5.8-inch bezel-less screen with a virtual home button instead of a physical one. While the headphone jack is still shamefully missing, a Lightning port remains (as opposed to a switch to USB-C). With Apple’s recent push into augmented reality, the cameras will be getting an upgrade to improve object and facial scanning and recognition. This will also tie in with the new security features.That’s what we think we’ll see from Apple on September 12, but it could be all wrong, even the date. In any case, the iPhone’s destiny should be revealed soon enough.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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