Dream Jailbreak turns out to be fake

21 Sep 2019 admin

first_imgThere will always be things that are too good to be true, and the climactic ending to the Dream Jailbreak release is a reminder of exactly that. After the “proof” video was released, and many users identified the video as a fake, the person behind Dream Jailbreak revealed to the wold that it was all a joke after all.There were plenty of reasons to be excited about Dream Jailbreak, though at the same time there were just as many reasons to be suspicious. This apparent one man team, who assured everyone that he was not part of any existing jailbreak team, had supposedly managed to take advantage of an exploit that affected every iDevice capable of running iOS 6. It sounded believable because that’s exactly what users want right now, since proper jailbreaks are still unavailable for several generations of iDevice. This developer promised to reveal all in an unedited video and finally a download with the tools to complete the jailbreak.In the short time since the announcement, the Twitter account for Dream Jailbreak exceeded 20,000 followers. When the video was released, several viewers immediately noticed that there was a point at which it was clear the video had been edited. In response to the cries that the video was fake, the party responsible decided to release the jailbreak earlier than planned. Instead of a download, eager users were met with the infamous Rickroll video on YouTube. Shortly after the video was posted, a message went live on the website explaining that everything had been fake. Those interested in a jailbreak from Dream were part of a social experiment designed to “teach” users to be more skeptical of those who claim they have jailbroken something without proof.Whether or not the desired message reached anyone who was interested in Dream Jailbreak will probably never be discovered. Whoever was responsible for this wanted to make it clear that newcomers to the iOS hacking scene aren’t to be trusted, and that the developers who have been responsible for jailbreaks in the past are the only people you should listen to.last_img

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