Zombie Steve Ballmer and four other geeky costume ideas

21 Sep 2019 admin

first_imgIt’s time for Halloween, and what better way to get into the spirit than to dress up in a scary costume? However, anyone can buy a mummy mask, a vampire cloak, or a Spiderman suit. What if you want to geek it up a little bit? Here are our suggestions for Halloween costumes that will not only give your friends a fright, but will also pay homage to the wonderful world of technology.Zombie Steve BallmerWhat’s scarier than an undead version of the Microsoft CEO holding a fresh copy of Windows Vista? Your fellow party-goers will be having nightmares for weeks.As Zombie Ballmer, keep an eye out for anyone at the party with an Android phone. Once you spot one, wait until that guest gets a beer. When he does, grab his glass, pour about 5% of it into your (nearly empty) glass, and then give it back. Don’t say anything, and move along. If he gives you any trouble, threaten to call your lawyer.Sony PSNThis one will be a real hoot. As the Sony Playstation Network, you will tell all of your fellow partygoers that you are collecting donations to help cure a disease, and that you just need to take down their credit card numbers for a small $2 donation.At the conclusion of the party, announce to all of the guests that you just accidentally recorded all of their financial info to a PDF file, which is now live on BitTorrent, MediaFire, and 4Share. Apologize deeply that this incident occurred, and offer them a digital download of a game that they already have as consolation. They’ll love it!Netflix DevilYour fellow party-goers will initially be confused when an otherwise perfectly normal sexy devil costume has a Netflix logo pasted on the bosom.Change the subject, and tell them that you’re selling kisses for five dollars each. After each kiss, announce that the price has been doubled, and that all further kisses can be redeemed from your twin sister, Qwikster, as soon as she arrives. At the end of the evening, apologize to everyone, saying that you changed your mind and told Qwikster not to come. Keep their money and go home.Homeless MarioOnce the superstar of any party, Homeless Mario has seen better days. When fellow partygoers ask why you’re so down on your luck, reply that you put all of your stock into some new 3D technology, and it didn’t do so well. Keep telling everyone that things are sure to turn around come the holidays.If anyone dressed like an iPhone or iPad offers to help, angrily storm off, declaring that you don’t need their assistance, and that you’re doing just fine on your own!HP Headless HorsemanFinally, we have the Hewlett-Packard Headless Horseman. First, enter the party with your (fake) head intact. Tell everyone how spendidly your day is going, and how bright your future is looking.Then, when everyone is relaxing, enjoying drinks and laughing, dramatically declare that you’ve rethought your priorities, and would do well to decapitate yourself. Pull out a fake blade, and “cut off” the rubber head. You can even add fake blood for full effect. At this point, sell a few HP TouchPads to guests for $99 each, if you have any to spare.After everyone has gone back to their business again, loudly announce that you’ve reevaluated your situation, and have decided that you would do well to keep your head after all. Place the rubber head on top of your neck again, and begin sewing it in place. Make sure the sewing is messy and sloppy, to leave people wondering if you’ll really be okay.last_img

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