Scent of a woman

18 Dec 2019 admin

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest I invited my wife to join me in my ground blind for an evening of deer hunting recently. Because we would be hunting on the ground and at nose level to the deer, instead of from an elevated position such as a tree stand where scent control isn’t as critical, I advised her that clothing washed in scent-free soap was required, as was a shower using non-scented soap and shampoo prior to hitting the deer woods. She complied, but when we arrived in the blind Maria proceeded to unload a stash of stuff she had lugged along unseen by me that included a cell phone, a hard cover book, and a bottle of water straight from the refrigerator — all of which she produced from a tote bag she received as a premium for purchasing a load of fragrant hair care products. Needless to say, the four deer that approached appeared to hit a glass wall when they got downwind of us, where the does stopped suddenly, stared in our direction, snorted, turned tail and ran from our multi-scented hide.“Well that didn’t work,” she said afterward, adding: “That scent-free shampoo didn’t have my much conditioner in it anyway. My hair feels like straw.”If only it had smelled that way.Deer gun seasons openOhio’s 13th annual white-tailed deer hunting season for youths gives young hunters the opportunity to pursue the state’s most popular big-game animal statewide, on Nov. 21-22, and the regular statewide deer gun season gets underway Monday, Nov. 30 through Dec. 6. The youth deer-gun season is open to hunters with a valid youth hunting license and a deer permit. Youth hunters must be 17-years-old or younger at the time they purchase their youth hunting license.During each, deer can be hunted with a shotgun using slugs, a muzzleloader .38 caliber or larger, a handgun .357 caliber or larger, specific straight-walled cartridge rifles and bows during the two days. Go to for a complete list of legal straight-walled cartridge rifles.All participants must wear hunter orange, possess a valid Ohio hunting license as well as a deer permit. Youths must be accompanied in the field by a non-hunting adult. One adult may accompany no more than two youth hunters. Deer can be hunted from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset for all seasons.Youth hunters can commemorate their achievement with a First Harvest certificate, available at Parents can upload a photo and type in the hunter’s information to personalize thecertificate. Hunters can also share photos by clicking on the Photo Gallery tab online.Deer bag limits are determined by county. Hunters may harvest only one buck in Ohio, regardless of method of take or location. Antlerless permit use has changed for the deer hunting seasons, and these permits are no longer valid in some counties.Hunters are required to make their own game tag to attach to a deer. Game tags can be made of any material (cardboard, plastic, paper, etc.) as long as it contains the hunter’s name, date, timeand county of the kill. Go to the Deer Hunting Resources page at for more information about the game check process.All other regularly scheduled hunting seasons will continue during the two-day youth deer season. Most other hunting seasons are suspended during the regular statewide deer gun season. All hunters (except waterfowl hunters) are required to wear hunter orange during this time. More information can be found in the 2015-2016 Ohio Hunting and Trapping Regulations and at

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