22 Dec 2019 admin

first_imgMORE THAN 350 runners took to the streets of Lifford this evening for the annual Lifford 5K, one of the key fixtures in the road racing calendar.This was the biggest turnout yet for the event, with the race making a change from its traditional route to a start and finish on the athletic track.With the race still looping the narrow streets of the town twice, it provided a great atmosphere for runners and spectators alike. Pauric McKinney has been a stalwart of this event since its inception 14 years ago, and again this evening, the veteran Ballindrait man running in the colours of Inishowen AC showed he is still king of the roads, leading the race home in an impressive time of 15.44.McKinney was followed home by City of Derry duo Christopher McPeake in 16.09 and Dermot McElhinney in 16.13.In the women’s race, City of Derry athlete Catherine Whoriskey led the way home in a fine time of 17.34. Whoriskey was followed home by Derry City track Club’s Hannah McGowan in 19.39, with Foyle Valley’s Gemma McGinty third in 20.28.A big thank you from the organising club, Lifford AC to everyone who turned out to support the event and who helped out in any way. 1Pauric McKinneyInishowen AC360 1 Top Fin15:4415:44M2christopher mc peakeCity of Derry Spartans AC307 2 Top Fin16:0916:09M3Dermot Mc elhinneyCity of Derry Spartans AC382 3 Top Fin16:1316:13M4michael crawleyTri Limits450 1 M 19-3916:2116:21M5Pius McIntyreFoyle Valley AC495 2 M 19-3916:2216:22M6noel loganCity of Derry Spartans AC462 3 M 19-3916:3116:33M7roy mc gillowayFoyle Valley AC490 1 M 0-1816:3616:36M8Ciaran CollinsProject Africa Athletics104 4 M 19-3916:3716:37M9kyle dohertyCity of Derry Spartans AC367 5 M 19-3916:4116:41M10michael murphyCity of Derry Spartans AC391 6 M 19-3916:4516:45M11Paul KellyLifford AC134 7 M 19-3917:1517:16M12karl dohertyInishowen AC482 8 M 19-3917:4817:48M13conor mc devitt467 9 M 19-3917:2517:25M14Cathal LogueCity of Derry Spartans AC170 10 M 19-3917:2717:27M15john mc elhillFinn Valley AC349 11 M 19-3917:2817:28M16karol mc ginleyFinn Valley AC345 2 M 0-1817:2917:29M17catherine whoriskeyCity of Derry Spartans AC393 1 Top Fin17:3417:36F18terry murphy469 1 M 40-4917:4717:47M19damian coxOmagh Harriers384 2 M 40-4917:4817:48M20tommy mc callionRise Running Club392 12 M 19-3917:5117:51M21Paul CoyleLifford AC Fit4Life231 13 M 19-3917:5117:52M22Bill DuncanLifford AC88 3 M 40-4917:5417:54M23Clint DohertyFinn Valley AC146 14 M 19-3918:0618:06M24Philip CallaghanInishowen AC336 4 M 40-4918:0218:07M25Dara McNultyFoyle Valley AC100 5 M 40-4918:0918:09M26eddie quigleyCity of Derry Spartans AC371 15 M 19-3918:1118:11M27Rodney CampbellFoyle Valley AC113 6 M 40-4918:0918:11M28Kenny MelaughHealthy Bon Fitness145 16 M 19-3918:1318:14M29Derryl McQuade498 7 M 40-4918:1718:17M30connor mc dowellRise Running Club459 17 M 19-3918:2018:20M31Conor GallagherLifford AC99 18 M 19-3918:2018:21M32Cathaoir PurvisAcorns AC372 3 M 0-1818:2218:23M33James StevensonLifford AC298 19 M 19-3918:2418:25M34Shea CarlinLifford AC281 20 M 19-3918:3118:31M35sean whoriskyRise Running Club481 21 M 19-3918:3018:34M36aron coleFoyle Valley AC354 8 M 40-4918:3218:34M37Zachary McGowanDerry City Track Club67 4 M 0-1818:3518:35M38James DonagheyConvoy AC94 9 M 40-4918:3518:35M39Damian QuinnOmagh Harriers499 22 M 19-3918:3518:35M40Martin DunleavyFoyle Valley AC111 10 M 40-4918:3518:37M41gary mc faddenBolt468 23 M 19-3918:3518:37M42John TaylorConvoy AC247 1 M 50-5918:3618:38M43michael murrayAcorns AC400 24 M 19-3918:4818:48M44peter lilburnCity of Derry Spartans AC397 1 M 60-9918:5018:50M45Kevin McMenaminLifford AC136 25 M 19-3918:4918:51M46matthew mc dowellRise Running Club460 26 M 19-3918:5218:56M47seamus whiteStaffs Moorlands AC154 27 M 19-3918:5619:01M48Vincent HollywoodGreencastle AC105 11 M 40-4919:0319:03M49shane gallagherDeele Harps305 28 M 19-3919:0619:06M50michael chambersLifford AC366 29 M 19-3919:0619:06M51Paul ConnollyLifford AC232 30 M 19-3919:0719:07M52declan mc gillFoyle Valley AC357 31 M 19-3919:0619:08M53john mc fadden332 32 M 19-3919:1519:16M54Finnbar GallagherInishowen AC288 12 M 40-4919:1719:17M55Conor McLaughlinLifford AC219 33 M 19-3919:1819:18M56Philip KellyLifford AC Fit4Life102 34 M 19-3919:2119:21M57Michael McGrinderLifford AC Fit4Life260 13 M 40-4919:1919:22M58paul doherty375 14 M 40-4919:2619:26M59shaun paul byrneFinn Valley AC348 15 M 40-4919:2619:26M60Joe McCarthyCity of Derry Spartans AC258 2 M 50-5919:2319:27M61ronan haugheyTir Chonaill AC489 2 M 60-9919:2619:29M62Fionntán MooreLifford AC130 5 M 0-1819:3719:37M63Hannah McGowanDerry City Track Club66 2 Top Fin19:3919:39F64manus mc bride487 16 M 40-4919:4819:48M65John CoyleLifford AC Fit4Life237 17 M 40-4919:4619:57M66joseph browne474 18 M 40-4919:5819:58M67Eamon connollyAghyaran Road Runners396 35 M 19-3920:0520:05M68martin andersonFinn Valley AC480 19 M 40-4920:1120:13M69Gerard CampbellLifford AC119 3 M 50-5920:1620:16M70Andrew LeightonConvoy AC147 20 M 40-4920:1720:17M71Michael DuncanLifford AC108 4 M 50-5920:1820:18M72john doherty376 5 M 50-5920:1420:18M73stephen long497 36 M 19-3920:2020:22M74Adrian McHughIndividual96 21 M 40-4920:2620:26M75Gemma McGintyFoyle Valley AC112 3 Top Fin20:2820:28F76Joe McNultyLifford AC Fit4Life71 22 M 40-4920:3120:31M77geoff mc gillian463 37 M 19-3920:3420:34M78Wilson CraigLifford AC73 6 M 0-1820:3320:36M79Iggy HoustonLifford AC Fit4Life85 6 M 50-5920:3420:37M80Henrietta ElvesInishowen AC121 1 F 40-4920:3820:38F81Dominic CarlinLifford AC148 23 M 40-4920:3920:43M82Pádraig magLionsighLifford AC137 7 M 50-5920:4720:51M83Janeen LeeseCity of Derry Spartans AC87 1 F 19-3920:4920:52F84richard burkeRise Running Club389 38 M 19-3920:5420:54M85raymound peoples342 39 M 19-3920:4520:55M86Daniel DugganLifford AC203 40 M 19-3920:4720:58M87rodney batesConvoy AC309 41 M 19-3920:5820:58M88Richie DuncanCastlefinn Running Club254 24 M 40-4920:5520:59M89michael concannonRise Running Club365 8 M 50-5921:0021:00M90Garrett McCarronLifford AC Fit4Life142 42 M 19-3921:0821:08M91sean mc menaminAghyaran Road Runners395 43 M 19-3921:0621:08M92Ciaran McLaughlinLifford AC Fit4Life222 25 M 40-4921:0921:09M93ciaran bovaird379 26 M 40-4921:1121:11M94Adrian MarshIndividual262 27 M 40-4921:1321:13M95michael gallagherFoyle Valley AC398 9 M 50-5921:0621:13M96Paul McNameeLifford AC110 10 M 50-5921:1121:15M97kieran coyleKCR338 28 M 40-4921:1121:16M98sinead kennyFinn Valley AC314 2 F 40-4921:1521:18F99dermot mc granaghanCastlefinn Running Club302 29 M 40-4921:1521:18M100conor mc gonagle163 30 M 40-4921:1521:18M101jess moorehead478 2 F 19-3921:2021:20F102Paddy TourishLifford AC69 11 M 50-5921:2021:20M103alan cattersonFinn Valley AC453 31 M 40-4921:2321:23M104Ita KellyLifford AC109 3 F 40-4921:2421:24F105Liam ClearyLifford AC Fit4Life230 32 M 40-4921:2521:25M106Deborah ConroyLifford AC Fit4Life95 3 F 19-3921:2521:25F107mark friel164 33 M 40-4921:2621:26M108sean harkinFoyle Valley AC337 34 M 40-4921:2921:29M109Declan McAleerLifford AC Fit4Life238 35 M 40-4921:2921:29M110Barry Porter241 36 M 40-4921:2321:32M111george harkinBorn 2 Run312 12 M 50-5921:2621:34M112Lisa McGuiganFoyle Valley AC133 4 F 19-3921:2721:35F113clare harkinCity of Derry Spartans AC394 5 F 19-3921:3121:36F114damian gallagherRise Running Club399 37 M 40-4921:2921:37M115Orla MoranFoyle Valley AC380 4 F 40-4921:3021:38F116Josephine DonagheyConvoy AC141 6 F 19-3921:3421:40F117michael houstonCity of Derry Spartans AC161 7 M 0-1821:4421:45M118michael mc nulty333 38 M 40-4921:4321:45M119Paddy GildeaConvoy AC251 44 M 19-3921:4221:48M120owen coyleRosses AC326 13 M 50-5921:4921:49M121brigeen canavanCity of Derry Spartans AC465 5 F 40-4921:4621:50F122clare connorCity of Derry Spartans AC466 1 F 50-5921:4521:50F123Scott Galbraith263 45 M 19-3921:5221:52M124Patrick McDaidLifford AC Fit4Life120 39 M 40-4921:5221:52M125Liam McGillian350 46 M 19-3921:5421:54M126Kevin GreenanLetterkenny AC227 14 M 50-5921:4521:55M127eugene mc ginley346 40 M 40-4922:0522:05M128Ton BangertLifford AC Fit4Life226 3 M 60-9922:0322:06M129dessie gallenKCR339 41 M 40-4922:0622:09M130patsy mc hugh370 42 M 40-4922:0322:10M131John CraigLifford AC72 43 M 40-4922:0322:12M132Jude McCrossanIndividual202 8 M 0-1822:1422:14M133John McElwaineLifford AC171 47 M 19-3922:0822:15M134patricia mc laughlinInishowen AC160 6 F 40-4922:1522:15F135Catherine moranFoyle Valley AC381 2 F 50-5922:0922:17F136bronagh hereninTir Chonaill AC159 7 F 40-4922:1822:18F137Don SmithConvoy AC285 15 M 50-5922:1622:22M138Adrian SheridanOmagh Harriers200 9 M 0-1822:2322:25M139Laura MaguireIndividual78 8 F 40-4922:2622:26F140Declan mc cullagh352 48 M 19-3922:3022:30M141Eugene McGinleyRaphoe Road Runners279 16 M 50-5922:3022:30M142aidan roarty457 49 M 19-3922:3022:30M143Sharon HamiltonAghyaran Road Runners86 9 F 40-4922:3022:30F144helen mc dowellRise Running Club362 7 F 19-3922:3122:31F145Brian McMullanTir Chonaill AC116 44 M 40-4922:3222:32M146pat shovelin373 50 M 19-3922:2822:35M147Robert MitchellLifford AC Fit4Life68 51 M 19-3922:2622:36M148Ivor RussellKnockmany Runners139 52 M 19-3922:2922:37M149Dympna Houston239 8 F 19-3922:3022:38F150Terence QuinnRaphoe Road Runners276 17 M 50-5922:3922:39M151Liam MaguireLifford AC131 45 M 40-4922:3922:39M152Christopher CuskellyLifford AC82 46 M 40-4922:4022:40M153Stephen CrawfordLifford AC Fit4Life246 53 M 19-3922:4122:41M154conor hayesLifford AC353 47 M 40-4922:4322:43M155Rachel FrielLifford AC132 9 F 19-3922:3722:43F156edwina sweeneyTir Chonaill AC157 10 F 40-4922:4722:47F157Ashleigh McArdleLifford AC125 1 F 0-1822:4422:50F158Stephen McCroryIndividual280 48 M 40-4922:5222:52M159Gerard MyersIndividual144 49 M 40-4922:4822:55M160Aoife NashLetterkenny AC290 10 F 19-3922:5622:56F161Caroline McGuireFinn Valley AC316 11 F 40-4922:5922:59F162Carl HoustonCastlefinn Running Club255 18 M 50-5922:5723:01M163Jackie HarveyTir Chonaill AC223 3 F 50-5922:5723:02F164Carmel HoynesLifford AC149 12 F 40-4923:0423:04F165Vera HaugheyTir Chonaill AC221 4 F 50-5923:0623:06F166Martin McCroryIndividual289 50 M 40-4922:5923:09M167Barry McArdleLifford AC Fit4Life124 51 M 40-4923:0923:09M168Jacqui TimoneyLifford AC103 11 F 19-3923:1123:11F169Liam McMullanIndividual123 52 M 40-4923:0723:13M170Brian DohertySwanlings293 53 M 40-4923:1923:19M171Tommy DohertyDrumoghill Running Club264 19 M 50-5923:2023:20M172Damian MonaghanLifford AC Fit4Life235 54 M 40-4923:2123:21M173niall mc glincheyConvoy AC464 55 M 40-4923:1623:23M174Aidan McGrathLifford AC Fit4Life92 56 M 40-4923:1623:24M175Darren ReidLifford AC Fit4Life76 57 M 40-4923:2723:27M176Paul Houston240 54 M 19-3923:3023:30M177Ursula CoyleLifford AC Fit4Life236 13 F 40-4923:2023:30F178Margaret ShielsLetterkenny AC292 14 F 40-4923:3123:31F179conor mc garvey347 55 M 19-3923:2823:36M180chris mc anney156 56 M 19-3923:3623:36M181willie ferryWF Running363 57 M 19-3923:4223:42M182gillian smithCastlefinn Running Club315 12 F 19-3923:4523:45F183Stephen McCayLifford AC Fit4Life286 58 M 19-3923:4323:48M184berny love356 15 F 40-4923:4523:50F185rosemary dewhirstTir Chonaill AC158 16 F 40-4923:5123:51F186Gloria DonagheyFinn Valley AC257 5 F 50-5923:5223:52F187Roisin LogueLifford AC Fit4Life249 13 F 19-3923:5423:54F188Sharon CarlinLifford AC Fit4Life277 17 F 40-4923:4623:55F189Emma BatesConvoy AC256 14 F 19-3923:4723:55F190Elaine McGoldrickCastlefinn Running Club252 15 F 19-3923:4823:55F191john frielLetterkenny Kickboxing321 58 M 40-4923:5623:56M192mark mc bride488 10 M 0-1823:5723:57M193Rhonda PorterLifford AC Fit4Life278 16 F 19-3923:5823:58F194Simon McGavigan201 59 M 19-3923:5923:59M195nigel mc gillian351 20 M 50-5924:0324:03M196Mark DonagheyLifford AC80 59 M 40-4924:0824:08M197Oonagh McGuiganLifford AC Fit4Life118 18 F 40-4923:5824:09F198Jude McGarrigle234 11 M 0-1824:0524:15M199Melanie SweeneyCastlefinn Running Club253 17 F 19-3924:2024:20F200Paul O’BrienCastlefinn Running Club84 60 M 19-3924:2024:24M201Marjan BangertLifford AC Fit4Life225 1 F 60-9924:2624:26F202christina ferryRise Running Club361 18 F 19-3924:3124:31F203Rajesh MeehanRaphoe Road Runners205 61 M 19-3924:3324:33M204Andrea PorterLifford AC Fit4Life242 19 F 19-3924:2724:36F205mark mccurdy311 2 F 0-1824:3124:38F206Liam DalyLifford AC Fit4Life70 21 M 50-5924:3424:39M207dermott kellyFighting Fit494 62 M 19-3924:3124:44M208Mary DohertyConvoy AC269 20 F 19-3924:3824:45F209Alisha CuskellyLifford AC83 3 F 0-1824:4724:47F210Trevor McGlynnLifford AC228 63 M 19-3924:4224:50M211Aiden GallenIndividual220 12 M 0-1824:5124:51M212Sarah DohertyConvoy AC270 21 F 19-3924:4524:52F213emily mclaughlnFighting Fit496 4 F 0-1824:4124:54F214lisa o donnellCity of Derry Spartans AC479 22 F 19-3924:5424:54F215keegan gallagher369 13 M 0-1824:5924:59M216darren mc dermott155 60 M 40-4925:0025:00M217ciaran mc cauleyLifford AC Fit4Life491 61 M 40-4924:5225:01M218sabrina sprattCastlefinn Running Club313 23 F 19-3924:5525:03F219Bernie MartinKCR268 6 F 50-5925:0425:04F220frances wilsonKCR486 24 F 19-3924:5625:04F221Amanda HeaneyIndividual79 19 F 40-4925:1025:10F222Wesley VanceIndividual207 62 M 40-4924:5825:12M223Olivia CuskellyLifford AC Fit4Life81 25 F 19-3925:1025:17F224declan mc callionLifford AC Fit4Life470 22 M 50-5925:0725:18M225declan duffy476 64 M 19-3925:1525:23M226Linda MacbethRaphoe Road Runners282 26 F 19-3925:3025:30F227michael friel166 63 M 40-4925:1525:30M228Thandi Mbuli173 27 F 19-3925:1425:33F229camillus melaugh343 64 M 40-4925:3525:35M230Lorraine McGrinderLifford AC Fit4Life261 20 F 40-4925:3225:36F231steven elder385 65 M 19-3925:3325:38M232Angela DoranIndividual284 21 F 40-4925:4025:40F233theresa johnstoneRise Running Club387 7 F 50-5925:3525:47F234joanne mclaughlinRise Running Club320 22 F 40-4925:4825:48F235tom doherty374 14 M 0-1825:4825:48M236Jarlath McNultyIndividual90 23 M 50-5925:5325:53M237Christine McNultyLifford AC Fit4Life89 23 F 40-4925:5325:53F238chris mc cayMelvin WJR451 65 M 40-4925:4726:07M239catherine morrisCastlefinn Running Club301 5 F 0-1826:0426:13F240peter gormanRise Running Club390 66 M 40-4926:0126:15M241Tommy McHughLifford AC Fit4Life107 24 M 50-5926:0626:17M242Eddie BreslinLifford AC Fit4Life297 25 M 50-5926:1926:19M243Rhonda GreenLifford AC Fit4Life74 24 F 40-4926:1026:20F244Kathy McBethLifford AC Fit4Life122 28 F 19-3926:1126:21F245kierean neesonKCR162 66 M 19-3926:1626:32M246David MeehanLifford AC Fit4Life250 67 M 19-3926:3626:36M247rosey mc caffertyMelvin WJR153 29 F 19-3926:3926:39F248gaynor hindleyAghyaran Road Runners386 25 F 40-4926:4226:42F249Roisin KerriganLifford AC Fit4Life117 26 F 40-4926:4426:44F250Helena BrysonLifford AC243 30 F 19-3926:5026:50F251elaine parkeConvoy AC310 31 F 19-3926:5426:54F252Michelle RouseLifford AC Fit4Life101 32 F 19-3926:5826:58F253Joe BreslinLifford AC Fit4Life233 26 M 50-5926:5427:04M254Ursula O’NeillLifford AC Fit4Life244 27 F 40-4926:5727:10F255Mandy HumeLifford AC Fit4Life245 28 F 40-4927:2227:22F256derek mc gillianMelvin WJR359 67 M 40-4927:0627:24M257Peter MackeyIndividual77 68 M 19-3927:3027:30M258Kay BonnerConvoy AC140 8 F 50-5927:3427:34F259yvonne wauchopeMelvin WJR151 29 F 40-4927:2127:37F260Rónán NelisMelvin WJR304 68 M 40-4927:2227:43M261Margaret williamsonMelvin WJR383 33 F 19-3927:4427:44F262Teresa McMenaminAghyaran Road Runners265 34 F 19-3927:2927:45F263Sarah HunterDrumoghill Running Club283 9 F 50-5927:4927:49F264donna chambersKCR485 35 F 19-3927:5327:53F265karen mc gillianMelvin WJR358 30 F 40-4927:5827:58F266Caroline McCurdyLifford AC Fit4Life129 31 F 40-4928:1028:16F267Carmel BrindleLifford AC Fit4Life224 32 F 40-4928:1628:16F268darragh gallagher368 15 M 0-1828:1828:18M269Kevin BoyleLifford AC Fit4Life138 4 M 60-9928:2028:20M270carolyn mc geehanRise Running Club447 36 F 19-3928:2428:24F271noel carr456 69 M 19-3928:2628:26M272chris mc cormackRise Running Club484 70 M 19-3928:2728:27M273Kate MullenLifford AC Fit4Life271 33 F 40-4928:3128:31F274Donna McKelveyDrumoghill Running Club267 37 F 19-3928:4028:40F275Christine PattonLifford AC Fit4Life97 38 F 19-3928:5228:52F276Sarah GillenConvoy AC248 39 F 19-3929:0229:02F277Nuala AllenRaphoe Road Runners259 10 F 50-5928:5529:08F278Paul BrollyRaphoe Road Runners287 69 M 40-4928:5529:08M279gerard harkinRise Running Club449 70 M 40-4929:1629:30M280marie gallagher388 40 F 19-3929:3329:33F281christine gillespieRise Running Club483 41 F 19-3929:3529:35F282michelle morrisCastlefinn Running Club300 34 F 40-4929:2729:36F283david devlin306 71 M 40-4929:4229:42M284laura roulstonMelvin WJR492 42 F 19-3929:5829:58F285karen anne mc ginleyMelvin WJR493 43 F 19-3929:4229:59F286gemma pattonMelvin WJR150 44 F 19-3929:4530:01F287mary o donnellSwanlings340 11 F 50-5930:0330:13F288laurA mc ginleyDrumoghill Running Club341 45 F 19-3930:1930:19F289Tracey McMenaminAghyaran Road Runners143 46 F 19-3930:1230:23F290Rose LynchIndividual204 47 F 19-3930:1530:29F291eimour lynch168 16 M 0-1830:2930:29M292gill baird471 35 F 40-4930:3130:31F293Melissa GillespieLifford AC Fit4Life98 48 F 19-3930:3930:48F294catherine mc croryAghyaran Road Runners477 49 F 19-3930:5030:50F295Orla McNultyLifford AC Fit4Life91 50 F 19-3930:4130:55F296carrie burke355 51 F 19-3931:0231:02F297anna mortimoreMelvin WJR331 6 F 0-1831:1831:18F298IvyKCR172 36 F 40-4931:2831:28F299kathleyn stevensonLifford AC335 7 F 0-1831:4731:47F300Heather Montgomery266 52 F 19-3931:5131:51F301annie duffy francisRise Running Club475 37 F 40-4931:5331:53F302mandy o carrollRise Running Club446 53 F 19-3931:5331:53F303Yvonne McGarveyLifford AC Fit4Life294 12 F 50-5932:0432:04F304bernie devineMelvin WJR303 38 F 40-4932:0332:21F305laura mc colganMelvin WJR330 54 F 19-3933:0133:18F306angela connollyRaphoe Road Runners452 55 F 19-3933:2433:24F307Clare ElliottLifford AC126 56 F 19-3933:2033:33F308Conor HeffernanIndividual115 17 M 0-1833:2233:34M309Kevin HeffernanLifford AC Fit4Life114 27 M 50-5933:2433:35M310Jayne McIlwaineRaphoe Road Runners135 39 F 40-4933:5234:05F311stephanie mc colganMelvin WJR327 57 F 19-3934:2034:20F312Mara McArdleLifford AC127 8 F 0-1834:2234:35F313Una O’DonnellLifford AC272 9 F 0-1834:4834:48F314clodagh catterson473 10 F 0-1834:4534:59F315Lauren McGrathLifford AC93 11 F 0-1834:5135:04F316Jacqueline ClearyLifford AC Fit4Life229 40 F 40-4934:5635:10F317lorc an friel167 18 M 0-1835:2335:39M318louis gallagher165 19 M 0-1835:2335:39M319farrah stevesonLifford AC334 12 F 0-1836:1536:15F320sarah mc carron472 58 F 19-3936:1036:24F321Margaret McGarveyLifford AC Fit4Life296 13 F 50-5936:3536:49F322lee woodLifford AC322 20 M 0-1837:0837:26M323Angela McHughLifford AC Fit4Life299 59 F 19-3937:3837:38F324paula mc gettiganMelvin WJR328 60 F 19-3937:5537:55F325lorraine smallsRise Running Club448 41 F 40-4938:2338:23F326wanda pattonMelvin WJR152 61 F 19-3938:2338:23F327Paula concannonRise Running Club364 42 F 40-4938:2438:24F328jessica wood325 13 F 0-1838:4338:43F329judith smithDonoughmore319 43 F 40-4939:1039:25F330jean gillen169 14 F 50-5939:1239:26F331dympna mc cauley318 15 F 50-5939:3339:48F332geraldine kellyRise Running Club454 2 F 60-9939:5639:56F333michelle sweeneyRise Running Club455 44 F 40-4939:5839:58F334AíneMarie McBrideLifford AC274 14 F 0-1840:0240:02F335Kiera GreenLifford AC75 15 F 0-1840:0340:03F336majella coyle324 62 F 19-3940:4540:45F337keelan mc cullagh323 21 M 0-1840:4540:45M338Joan McHughLifford AC Fit4Life106 16 F 50-5940:5340:53F339charlotte neeson317 3 F 60-9947:1547:30F340john patrick doherty377 22 M 0-1849:1349:33M341martin lynch378 72 M 40-4949:2149:41M DNFHayley McIntyreLifford AC Fit4Life128 F 19-39F DNFEamon McConnellCastlefinn Running Club206 M 40-49M DNFMuireann McBrideLifford AC273 F 0-18F DNFCatherine McBrideLifford AC Fit4Life275 F 40-49F DNFClíodhna DunneLetterkenny AC291 F 19-39F DNFpatricia o donnell308 F 40-49F DNFcarmel moritmoreMelvin WJR329 F 40-49F DNFamanda stevesonDrumoghill Running Club344 F 19-39F DNFjames brownCity of Derry Spartans AC458 M 40-49M DNFgary slevin461 M 19-39MRESULTS OF RECORD-BREAKING LIFFORD 5K was last modified: July 15th, 2015 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:5kLIfford ACResultslast_img

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