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25 Dec 2019 admin

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREThe top 10 theme park moments of 2019 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re: “That’s commitment” (Editorial, Oct. 4): Your editorial expresses concern over the Los Angeles City Council’s approval of subsidizing ($270 million) the proposed 56-story convention center hotel to hopefully cure the convention center’s annual $31 million drain. The city’s history shows too many government mistakes. The convention center, the Hollywood & Highland drain, North Hollywood’s decades-old economic languishment (rescued by the subway terminal), several other lethargic Community Redevelopment Agency project areas, and the imprudent rental housing policies are proof. In spite of that, the Daily News wants the city to have “comprehensive visions” for North Hollywood, the Northeast Valley and other parts of the city. With that kind of record, the best vision would be hands off by the government. Victor N. Viereck Valley Village Let’s not forget Re: “Five Americans are killed in fighting to retake towns” (Oct. 5): I noticed that you chose to put the deaths of five brave soldiers on Page 11. As the parent of a soldier fighting in Iraq, I am disappointed that you think county leases are more important. Let’s not forget these young men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unless you are a parent, 2,000 deaths and several wounded are only numbers until you put names to them. Every time you hear “Twenty-one guns,” you know they are bringing home a hero. Jerry Pennington Van Nuys It’s fantastic The schools are still failing our children, the hospitals are still closing or cutting back services, public employees are up in arms, the new special interests have replaced the old special interests, we are spending millions of dollars to hold a referendum election that few really understand or care about, but, thank goodness, the beautiful people are now protected from the paparazzi. In the words of Arnold, “it’s fantastic.” Marshall Barth Encino Why no outcry? Re: “Two men arrested in brutal attacks” (Briefly, Oct. 5): Sen. Diane Feinstein missed another press conference opportunity to demand the abolishment of assault weapons. Usually when an assault weapon is used to commit mass murders the story is on the front page and Sen. Feinstein shouts from the highest mountaintop, “we must abolish assault rifles.” Wednesday, however, the story of the mass murders of six men only made Page 10 and contained no demand from Feinstein to banish the assault weapon used in the crimes, an assault baseball bat. Why Page 10, why no outcry to banish assault baseball bats? Dean Brassfield Toluca Woods Gallant individuals I have lived in Southern California in fire-prone areas for nearly six decades. In 1975, firefighters saved our house from a Porter Ranch fire, and this week they saved my daughter and her family, including our 1-week-old granddaughter, from losing their Calabasas home in Las Virgenes Canyon. What can one say of these noble men and women, dressed in heavy protective clothing and equipment in 100-plus degree temperatures, speeding in their machines into harm’s way to protect lives and cherished property. It brings tears to your eyes to watch these gallant individuals go into action. Words of gratitude are inadequate. One can merely say, thank you and God bless them all. Richard Davis Lake Sherwood Wealthy unions Re: “Spending turns public off reform” (Viewpoint, Oct. 2): It appears Jill Stewart believes that voters today are deciding vital issues by watching force-fed-every-20-minutes lying political TV ads paid for with many millions of dollars by wealthy unions wanting to keep their wealth and to hell with California. I pray she is wrong and that the citizens of California will study these issues carefully and see that they are the only way our state can survive now and thrive in the future. The well-being of California and all of its citizens should be foremost in all voters minds, not the lying garbage that special interests are blasting at us day and night, not the popularity or lack of it of our governor. Millie Derose San Fernandolast_img

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