Mbappé and Nuevo Bernabéu, axes of the Florentino project

14 May 2020 admin

first_imgThat Madrid of three Champions in a row and appears history. In football things happen at breakneck speed. Last season Madrid ran out of options to win any title in March and this season they already have one foot out of the Champions League (1-2 against City in the second round). Hazard ushers in a new galactic era, but main course obviously must be Mbappé … And that is the great moment thate Florentino waits for his Madrid. The great star of modern football, Mbappé, playing in the renovated stadium. The new Bernabéu.Contrary to what it seemed at first, the works have been expedited by the coronavirus crisis. They are in time to be completed in 2022. What remains to be seen is whether there are no economic difficulties (due to the crisis) that are a serious impediment. To make the reform, Madrid was forced to ask for a large loan. It had to be approved by the board of directors and before the Assembly. This loan has a total amount of 575 million euros, a term of 30 years and a fixed interest of 2.5%. Real Madrid reported that this financing “has been structured through a loan with three tranches, July 2019, July 2020 and July 2021, that coincide with the anticipated needs for the payment of the works. The loan also includes 3 years grace period amortization of the principal, which will make Real Madrid pay a fixed annual fee of 29.5 million euros, from July 30, 2023 and until its expiration on July 30, 2049 “. In other words, the new Bernabéu will cost the club a total ofe 796.5 million euros, figure resulting from multiplying the annual installment by the 27 installments of the loan.DAILY AS & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>DAILY AS (DAILY AS) Mbappé.It is the other major axis of the latest project for the future. Real Madrid’s roadmap indicated that they had to try to sign him in the summer of 2021, when he only had one year left on his contract. It was the only way to sign him at a reasonable price. The player seemed determined, before the crisis, to reject one after another the renewal offers that PSG is putting on the table. But the crisis seems to have changed the situation somewhat and the footballer now plans to renew. In any case, he would never do so without including a termination clause in his new contract that would allow him to go to Madrid in the future for an agreed amount of money. That would hinder Florentino’s plan, which will always go head-to-head with PSG, but would continue to make it possible. A dream, the French playing in the New Bernabéu.FRANCK FIFE & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>FRANCK FIFE (AFP)center_img Kylian Mbappé and Nuevo Bernabéu… it’s two o’clock master lines they are in the Florentino Pérez’s roadmap to relaunch Madrid after I already did it twice. The first, when he first became president in 2000. His cover letter was Figo. Then came Zidane, Ronaldo, and Beckham. And with them came the era of the Galacticos, a new way of understanding the soccer industry. “They are those types of players who pay their own wages,” Florentino used to say. to justify such expensive contracts. The president devised a system that was demonstrated as the modern football base. So much star ended up attracting sponsors. And the relationship was one of reciprocity: he shared the image rights with his footballers at 50%. Madrid made an important qualitative leap in economics. In sports, it was only won (with that model) the Champions of 2000.The second that Madrid relaunched with Florentino in the presidency it was by the hand of Zidane. The first time that white team was an author set, when always it had been for soccer players (Di Stéfano’s Madrid, Ye-yé, Quinta del Buitre’s, Galactic’s…). With Zidane they won three Champions in a row, with Ancelotti’s, four in five years. Along with the French, Cristiano Ronaldo was the great architect … But the Portuguese was a signing that Ramón Calderón left.last_img

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