The Mayday Foundation Adds Scholarship for Thurston County Kids Impacted by…

5 Aug 2020 admin

first_imgFacebook84Tweet0Pin0Submitted by The Mayday FoundationWhen The Mayday Foundation was approached to partner with Providence Regional Cancer System and Capital Bicycling Club to host a bike ride, Amy Rowley, the non-profit organization’s founder and executive director, quickly said yes.The Two-County Double Metric Century ride starts and ends at Providence Regional Cancer System in Lacey. The route is suitable for serious cyclists and casual athletes. Dr. Barbara Lazio (right), a Providence neurosurgeon, is a key member of the ride’s planning committee. Photo courtesy: The Mayday Foundation“It was a natural collaboration,” said Rowley.  “Providence is a strong force in helping local families cope with a cancer diagnosis and it’s a pleasure to work together with Capital Bicycling Club and Providence to raise funds for our neighbors.”The June 23, 2019 Two-County Double Metric Century ride, which starts and ends at Providence Regional Cancer System in Lacey, now includes a fundraising component. Each rider is asked to donate a minimum of $25, earmarked for The Sigrid Hardy Memorial Scholarship fund, managed by The Mayday Foundation.“When we lost our friend, Sigrid Hardy, last year to cancer it felt like a punch in the gut to me,” said bike ride planning committee member and Providence neurosurgeon, Dr. Barbara Lazio. “Sigrid was so hilarious, irreverent, and full of life. It was way too soon. Her kids were in school with mine since we moved to Olympia in 2010. The whole time I knew Sigrid, she was being treated for a rare cancer.”Dr. Lazio proposed the fundraising component and scholarship direction to The Mayday Foundation. “Our Two-County Double Metric Century ride was looking to fund something for local cancer patients and families. By working with The Mayday Foundation, we are so excited to start this scholarship for students whose families are affected by cancer, like the Hardy family. Sigrid Hardy was the obvious person to memorialize with this scholarship,” said Dr. Lazio.Applicants are asked to write a short essay describing how cancer has impacted their family.  “We’re open to families when a parent, sibling or applicant has or has had cancer,” said Rowley.  “Our goal is to not perpetuate the financial hardships of a cancer diagnosis into the next generation. Our hope is to reduce some of the burden of paying for college.”Originally, the groups intended to collect funds during the June 23, 2019 ride and distribute scholarships in 2020.  However, the timeline was moved forward after generous donations from the community. “After two large donations, we hustled to pull together the scholarship form and get it distributed to Thurston County high schools. We decided it was more important to get these funds into the hands of kids impacted by cancer rather than holding dollars in our bank account,” said Rowley when discussing the shift to move up the timeline and give out scholarships in 2019.Dr. Barbara Lazio (left) and her daughter show off their jerseys before the 2018 Two-County Double Metric Century ride. The family was riding in honor of Sigrid Hardy. Photo courtesy: The Mayday FoundationAll Thurston County graduates, impacted by cancer and planning to enroll in an accredited college, university or trade school, are eligible to apply. “We quickly received a couple of applications from kids whose parents have tragically died from cancer,” said Rowley, noting the application process is open until May 20, 2019. The Mayday Foundation scholarship review committee will make a decision in early June and award as many scholarships as possible.“I am grateful that people are so generous and that generosity has Sigrid’s name attached to it.  We’re just a middle class family trying to get by every day,” said her husband of 35 years, Derek Hardy. “Cancer throws a cloud over a family and this scholarship will throw some sunlight back into their lives.”When cyclists register for the June 23 Two-County Double Metric Century ride, they can read Sigrid Hardy’s story. The route includes a variety of lengths and is ideal for both the serious cyclist and the casual outdoor athlete. To register for the ride, click here.Dr. Lazio said in conclusion, “Please consider riding, volunteering or donating directly to the scholarship.”To learn more about The Mayday Foundation’s mission of helping families pay for household expenses while coping with a cancer diagnosis, visit

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