I’m bored of T&D, how can I move?

12 May 2021 admin

first_imgI have been working in a training and development role for five years. Ihave gained my CIPD-CTP and have recently obtained my City and Guilds 7307 –Adult and Further Education Teaching Certificate. My work has mainly been instand-up delivery and I’m getting a bit bored. I would like to move intotraining management. Any ideas on how best to accomplish this? Should I studythe second year of my CTP, or look at a different qualification? Grant Taylor, consultant, Macmillan Davies Hodes You need to take a two-pronged approach of academic development andextending your work experience to gain the competencies that you will need intraining management. Firstly, this means completing the second part of the CTP to broaden yourexperience in training strategy and performance analysis at an organisationallevel. Then consider taking this a stage further, perhaps with a Masters degreecombining HR and business. Secondly, and just as important, is to broaden your actual work experience.You need to work in a role that gives you more exposure to the business, so youcan see how staff development is linked with organisational success. If yourcurrent organisation cannot offer you this, start looking around for somewherethat can. You should also begin taking steps towards develop the competencies you willneed as a training manager, such as wider business awareness, the ability todevelop and monitor strategic training plans, the ability to use performanceanalysis to improve an organisation and the ability to plan and promoteorganisational change You will also have to demonstrate leadership and management skills in thetraining function as well as devising knowledge management solutions – all ofwhich requires up-to-date professional business knowledge, skills andattitudes. Reviewing your progress every six months will show whether you are takingpositive steps towards achieving your goal. Peter Sell, joint managing director, DMS consultancy After five years in the same role, it is now a good time to consider achange. Although your experience and qualifications are relevant to yourcurrent role, you should be looking at a qualification that covers the morestrategic elements of training and development. The CIPD professional development programme has electives around learningand development, which would also give you licentiate membership. Informationon providers can be obtained from the CIPD education department. You also need to look at taking a small step towards a training managementrole. Keep a look out for advertisements for T&D roles that include bothoperational and strategic elements of training. Finally, look at the development opportunities in your own organisation. Ifyour superiors have noticed boredom creeping in, they may welcome youdiscussing your career needs. Comments are closed. I’m bored of T&D, how can I move?On 25 Jun 2002 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img

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