Strong text nternet experts teach you how to collect the information you want

is written in the front

a few months ago, the team asked me to share it internally. The theme was how to search for information effectively. This is because the daily work, I often share some professional learning documents, and these documents are often very timely, in response to some of our own projects confused, so we will wonder how I find so professional and timely to reference.

some of these data come from web search, and some come from my personal database, which is categorized and easily searchable, so it can easily be turned out. So later, this sharing was expanded from search skills to skills in how to acquire and sort out information. read more

Talk about their website sad

see other owners say their own web site experience here, today I want to talk about their own web site experience, the first statement is in fact is the only station on the stationmaster story evokes their own thing, and then on the way to AD a.

I graduated in March 2006 to 2006 November, to know there is this Wangzhuan, felt as if money becomes easier, because this idea was imperceptibly cheated 80 yuan. At that time the site told me that as long as you pay $80 we will send you a website, you can promote offline, on the website advertising agency of our products, then feel rich, in fact here point the day and await for it, you can call me sb because I was a technician of a network company. But I just don’t know why, but I bought a lesson myself. I’m not in the mood for 2 days. I know I can write that kind of program myself. Despise yourself. read more

Shanzhai sites are rampant and domain name selection is the key

to book tickets, in a search engine search "Spring Airlines" when there are a number of results, such as,, and other domain name site.

Spring Airlines is China’s most successful private low-cost airlines, the biggest feature is the ticket is very cheap. Therefore, in 2009, the three major airlines cried out in unison, and Spring Airlines continued to make profits in 2008.

is reflected, to website is headed, this copycat website and legal website are more lifelike, have certain deceit. read more

Optimize popular keywords 5 points of experience

optimize some popular keywords, this difficulty is very big, I don’t say many webmaster all know, because every webmaster may be SEO master. They not only rely on their own knowledge to optimize their website, more likely to rely on a SEO optimization team, but like hot keywords can not do. Personal talk about optimizing key keywords experience,


1, space and domain name

, that is to say, the longer the domain name of the site, the higher the weight of the site, the space is also a reason for the stability of the site rankings. But not that the better the domain name, the better the ranking, space and domain name is only one of the reasons. read more

New webmaster how to choose your own web site program

1. if you want to do a personal blog published his articles in the photo above, so you can choose ASP, because ASP long time in these simple website function to improve more than PHP, and the ASP foundation is very easy to learn to read, as long as you can find find a better blog source to make their own blogs such as PJBLOG and Z-BLOG online.

2. if you just want to do Wangzhuan interested in advertising to earn money to a station, I think ASP is a good choice. Is ASP, with a short time; the two is the ASP ready source more than PHP, so you can choose. read more

Twitter may be dying and the cause of death is the problem we all face

note: Twitter, the player out of the wall may have to run out of oil before we can use it. Twitter is dying not only in the company’s declining market capitalization, but also in October 14th, Twitter announced that it would cut 336 employees in the company wide, accounting for 8% of the total number of employees. Unless there is a magic bullet, Twitter’s doom seems to be out of the question. Recently, the former chief executive of Microsoft, billionaire Steve · Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) to buy a 4% stake in Twitter in the past few months, to promote the Twitter company’s share price rose nearly 5%, I do not know whether the last radiance of the setting sun. read more

Do a strict self discipline webmaster for society but also for themselves

is now a lot of Internet users or other industries, especially those who don’t know much about the special group of webmaster. There are many misunderstandings about the webmaster’s understanding and understanding. Some people mention stationmaster, can think of the rubbish station that is full of advertisement, what still more, bring up stationmaster, what think of is a few pornography station and illegal unhealthy dating website. They think webmasters are people who make a living on these sites. As a webmaster, I think we are also dumb eating Coptis, there is bitter can not say. Indeed, there are many garbage stations, there are many stations do pornographic stations, playing edge ball. But most of the webmaster are law-abiding, you work hard to stand, want to make the site bigger and stronger. This kind of stick kills the point of view really has the wrong place, but why other people can have such idea to stationmaster, this is really the problem that stationmaster people have to reconsider. read more

Hand to teach you hospital WeChat marketing plan


as a new media has wide influence, if used properly, bring the good development opportunity will be able to give the hospital business, can spread in the network marketing ability on the path of the effective solid hospital, provide the impetus for the business development of the hospital.

platform analysis

() advantage of WeChat platform

1. has a large number of users and a high frequency of use, especially in the first tier cities.

has been heavily used, whether on the way to work, shopping, dining and leisure time, WeChat. read more

[reader’s letter] how should novices learn website analysis

, Hello, Sidney,

love your blog very much, the information and the sharing of experience at the same time, gave me confidence to continue its efforts based on your blog! "Said WA is not necessarily to understand mathematical statistics and web programming, I would say the best". I have a problem that has been bothering me for a long time. I am here to ask you for advice. In the Internet industry is actually a lot of people haven’t learned Computer Science, for example, I was learning English: (I’m an marketing industry newcomers, the work time, will often end with Web code, which made me very upset. At the same time, when doing data monitoring and analysis, it will come into contact with some data, statistical analysis, such as modeling, completely without concept. Always listen to people say, want to go tech and marketing combination of career path, oneself also feel that should learn some related skills and knowledge, but don’t know what to learn, from where to start learning. Don’t know whether you can provide some advice on your own experience? Or open a blog about? read more

Absolutely not more than two or three electronic mall attract customer means analysis

, first page introduction, and the tragedy of a horse classmate

as the saying goes, iron stores water customers, since the beginning of this concept shops, business people in the two things in favor: attract new guests and retain old customers, let the discount lottery, do anything. By twenty-first Century, because of the popularity of the Internet, online shopping malls and web sites are springing up like mushrooms. Each website is your discount, I send coupons to play with joy, each family in order to repeat customers and use various means. The skills used by the mall are endless in terms of winning customers and attracting new guests. read more