Double-decker road rage

first_imgCaltrans has quietly revived plans to widen or even double-deck the San Diego Freeway through the Sepulveda Pass, although outrage from San Fernando Valley residents may again force the agency to back down from a mammoth highway that would tower over homes. Department of Transportation officials say they’ve heard plenty of objections so are refocusing on less controversial alternatives – possibly a car-pool lane like the one between the Westside and the Valley that got fast-tracked this summer after local leaders won $130 million in federal funds. “There was a lot of negative comments about the double-decking. My thought is, relatively soon, we’ll be putting that one to bed,” said Ron Kosinski, deputy district director for Caltrans. “We’re certainly listening to the public out there. They’ve given us a lot of ideas.” But residents remain poised for a showdown over the 405 Freeway, much like the battle that erupted two years ago, when Caltrans proposed expanding the Ventura Freeway. But Caltrans resurrected the 405 proposal last summer after Congress approved $130 million for the northbound car-pool lane, jump-starting the $500 million project that otherwise wouldn’t have been built for more than a decade. Kosinski said the state wanted to look at other alternatives for improving traffic on the 405 as it was drawing up the planning documents for the car-pool lane. “The money that was secured was for the car-pool lanes, and so obviously that’s going to be a local preference, but we have to look at the range of alternatives.” The various alternatives would require condemning private property along the freeway, and would likely cost well into the billions of dollars, though Caltrans could not immediately provide a price estimate. But Caltrans got an earful from residents of homes in the Sepulveda Pass once the 405 expansion options surfaced. Residents generally support the northbound car-pool lane that would provide an obvious partner to the southbound high occupancy vehicle lane that has cut commuting time for car poolers. But residents overwhelmingly oppose any plans to build a massive freeway that require the use of eminent domain to acquire land through some of Los Angeles’ tonier neighborhoods – much the way they fought the condemnation of land to widen the 101. Richard Close, president of the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association, points out that his group was founded more than 40 years ago when the freeway was first built through the pass. “Although we are 150 percent in support of adding the car-pool lane, we think that any idea of double-decking or drastically widening the freeway should not even be considered,” said Close, who had advocated for the car-pool lane funds in summer. “It would impact adversely too many homes and residents and businesses.” Westside residents are also beginning to monitor the project. Lori Fontanes, board member of the Westwood Hills Property Owners Association, said the group is not opposed to the the car-pool lane so long as no private property is condemned. It has no position yet on the widening or double-decking proposals. An aide to Rep. Howard Berman, D-Van Nuys, who led the successful campaign in Congress to bring home $130 million for the 405, notes that the funding approved by Congress can be spent only for the car-pool lane. Councilman Jack Weiss wants to make sure residents are protected. “We support the improvements to the 405 and we plan to work very closely with Caltrans to protect our neighbors,” said his chief of staff, Denise Sample. Kosinski said the outpouring of opposition has led Caltrans to focus on building a car-pool lane and possibly adding some mass transit options – like bus-only connector ramps from major streets to the HOV lanes. Even with community support, the northbound car-pool lane faces its own uphill battle in the state, as officials figure out how to fully fund the project, which faces a $270 million shortfall, and get it built before the federal 2009 deadline. Kosinski said the state hopes to have the planning documents finished within the next year to be put out for public review. “We want to look at … lower-cost, lower-impact alternatives,” he said. “What does that leave you to? Hopefully that leaves you to car-pool lanes.” Lisa Mascaro, (818) 713-3761 [email protected] 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBlues bury Kings early with four first-period goals “I’m in the process of organizing the residents along this corridor just like we did on the 101 and forming a consensus,” said Gerry Silver, president of Homeowners of Encino. “We oppose double-decking or widening of the 405, but we are not opposed to other significant improvements that would improve traffic flow.” Even more, residents are angry and frustrated at the way the 405 plans quietly resurfaced last month. “It’s either on the table or it’s not,” Silver said. “If it’s on the table, then let them tell us what they exactly (are) looking to do, flesh it out. … Or take it off the table and just deal with the more realistic things.” Caltrans introduced the idea of double-decking the 405 during public meetings in 2003 – about the same time as the debate over the 101 – then shelved the plan when the state budget crisis deepened and billions of dollars were transferred from transportation accounts to the state general fund. last_img read more

Five things to watch in Raiders’ Monday night opener vs. Rams

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49ers’ Juszczyk on historically tough 3-game stretch: We’re pretty good ourselves

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Nexus One Gets Official Multitouch Support (Updated)

first_imgLooking around the mobile industry, from Apple to Palm to HTC and Motorola – it’s clear that pinch-to-zoom technology has become a standard and popular way for users to interact with their mobile phones. Likewise, Android users can now truly benefit from this capability with the availability of Android 2.1, which powers a new class of devices with larger touchscreens and more interactive features. Unlike past devices, these phones have the processing power to deliver pinch-to-zoom, while still providing a great user experience. Based on these new capabilities and numerous requests from Android users, we decided to provide pinch-to-zoom capabilities with this new over-the-air software update for Nexus One devices. More Updates: Google Navigation, Google Goggles, Fix for 3G ConnectivityIn addition to the new multitouch functionality, this update will also bring significant new features to the Google Maps application. Starred items and search suggestions will now be synchronized with, for example. In addition, Google Navigation – Google’s turn-by-turn GPS app – will now get a night mode that automatically changes the colors on your screen at night to make the screen easier to read.Google will also now ship Google Goggles as a default application on the Nexus One. Google Goggles is a surprisingly useful tool that allows you to take pictures of landmarks to initiate a search, for example, or to scan business cards and automatically populate Google Contacts with this data.Early adopters of the Nexus One often complained about issues with 3G connectivity. According to Google, this new update should improve 3G connectivity on the phone. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#Google#news#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… frederic lardinois When Google launched the Nexus One Android phone a few weeks ago, support for multitouch gestures like pinch-to-zoom was mysteriously missing from the phone’s feature set in the United States. Starting today, however, Google will begin to ship an over-the-air software update to all Nexus One phones in the U.S. that will enable multitouch pinch-and-zoom functionality in the browser, gallery and maps application. Until now, Nexus One owners had to resort to a hack to enable multitouch on their phones.Google plans to roll this update out slowly. All Nexus One owners should receive a notification about the availability of the update for their phone by the end of the week.Why Now?Oddly enough, Nexus One (and Motorola Droid) users outside of the U.S. have always been able to make use of these multitouch features by default. It’s not clear why Google decided to enable multitouch on the Nexus One now, but we have asked Google for a statement and will update this post once we hear from them.Update: We just heard back from a Google spokesperson. Here is Google’s official reasoning behind making this change now: A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

Why a Script Supervisor is Essential to Your Film’s Success

first_imgEver spent countless hours filming only to discover crucial continuity mistakes, rendering your film a mess? Preserving your film’s continuity is key to maintaining the script’s credibility.You’re on set. The entire crew is hard at work on the last scene before you wrap. The lighting is perfect, your camera operator has an amazing shot, excellent audio, and the actors are all delivering. You complete the scene in a timely fashion thanks to your crew’s excellence. After wrapping your film, post-production immediately begins. In editing, you discover that your film cannot be cut.Despite your crew’s professionalism and excellence, your film lacks consistency: there are tons of continuity errors. Who was maintaining this continuity (or lack of it)? The script supervisor (called the continuity supervisor in the UK) has the extremely important task of maintaining your film’s continuity from shot to shot. They are essentially the editor’s representatives on set.When every shot, action, and motion is consistent in your film, then you have achieved good continuity. The shooting schedule for a film may continue over a period of a few days, months, or even years. This places an even greater emphasis on maintaining proper consistency between shots.Responsibilities of a Script SupervisorIt is the job of the Script Supervisor to make a log of every action that is shot:What was the camera shot (close up, medium, wide, etc)?Were there any technical problems with lighting, camera or audio equipment?Is the take a Print (P), No Good (NG) or BUST?Did your director want you to notate any particular take as the one to stand out?Were there any complaints or special notes from either your DoP (Director of Photography) or director?The majority of feature and short films are shot with only one camera. Of course, the director or DoP may prefer more coverage for a scene. This would entail moving the same camera to various angles and changing focal points and camera lenses for the same scene. Obviously, this can take some time. Maintaining continuity despite this movement can become extremely difficult, but is aided by the help of the script supervisor’s notes. Always plan the extra time to shoot additional takes.If the continuity was broken in any way, enough time should be allotted to correct this. It is the script supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that the film will cut.The Continuity ReportThe script supervisor’s notes are outlined in a continuity report that is created throughout the shooting process. This report should contain the following information:Daily log of the shootParticular action that is occurring in the shotCamera configurationsAudio and picture qualityCrew listTo further avoid continuity errors, an assistant to the script supervisor is usually a necessity. Two sets of eyes are definitely better than one when it comes to catching subtle errors on set. To maximize the impact of the assistant, it is important that they have a different vantage point than the script supervisor.Some mistakes can easily be fixed on set, however if overlooked an expensive reshoot may be your only option. To help avoid that, the assistant can take pictures of each actor’s exact movements, wardrobe, makeup, hair and props. This will help immensely if you’re forced to split a scene up by a few hours, days, or even months.Example of a continuity sheet/ logging form from HabitualFilms:Let’s WrapYou owe it to yourself, the crew and the actors to be on top of your film’s continuity. Hiring a trusted script supervisor will ensure that your film will be cut without having to compromise your edit. Don’t overlook this seldom-discussed, but entirely necessary, on set position!Need a script supervisor for your film? Check out the freelancer profiles over at ProductionHub.last_img read more