Prison Sentences Against People Involved in Collapse of Casablanca Buildings

Casablanca  – On Monday the magistrate’s court at the Ain Sbaa First Instance Court in Casablanca delivered verdicts of up to five years imprisonment against nine individuals accused in the Bourgone tragedy lawsuit, named after the Casablanca’s neighborhood where 23 victims perished last summer in the Collapse of Casablanca Buildings.Three of the defendants were acquitted while out on bail, another was sentenced to two years in prison, a third to three years, a fourth to three and a half years, and two of the defendants were sentenced to four years in prison. The final pair of defendants was sentenced to five years. None of the sentenced will have the opportunity of being granted parole.The court fined each of the seven sentenced people 1,000 dirhams and sentenced them to pay a compensation fixed between 20,000 to 300,000 dirhams for civil law petitioners. This lawsuit opened on Oct. 15, 2014. The ten accused include a member of local authorities (moqaddem), town council’s technicians, an engineer, and an employee from the building permit office, in addition to two sons of the owner of a flat under construction at the time of the collapse in which the latter was killed.The charges range from manslaughter, non-compliance with laws related to construction, corruption and forgery of administrative documents.Twenty-three people died and more than fifty were injured on July 11 in the collapse of three apartment buildings due to construction work on the ground floor and illegal building of several additional floors. Edited by Kristina Fried read more