Cool Peng net CEO every Ming snow talk about electronic coupon marketing

current topic: Cool Peng nets, electronic coupons marketing expert

the guests: Feng Ming, kupengwang CEO

participates in the interview: QQ group 57322806

1, website background

Fang Qingbin: Welcome cool Peng net CEO Mr. Ming snow, welcome to the city business interview (, first of all, please Mr. Pang Mingxue for you to introduce specific cool Peng nets!

Pang total:

thank you, Mr. Fang. It’s a pleasure to be here to exchange views with you!

cool Peng network was established in 2004, has been, we have focused on electronic coupon marketing. In 2006, the United States successfully flying Li Kairui $5 million in venture capital, kupengwang began rapid development, have been established in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Railway Station. A number of franchise stations were also recruited. The content of the website has also changed from providing information to electronic coupons. Website service also by the original only to help businesses release electronic coupons, and now to promote integrated marketing for businesses. read more

How do you raise a glass to 1 million 350 thousand All the chips in the end how to play

how much is a cup worth? One thousand readers have one thousand numbers in mind, but the answer is: 1 million 350 thousand. From 13 years December 17th to 14 January 16th, Cuptime through the congregation raised platform named time, a total of 1358583 yuan to raise funds. Cuptime is an intelligent water glass, the developer for the wheat team. Although carrying a smart name, but still use it as plain as ordinary drinking glasses. Cuptime is connected to the cell phone via Bluetooth 4, and also has a built-in algorithm to remind you to drink water at the right time. You don’t have to look at your cell phone reminders at any moment. The glass itself can sound to remind you that you should drink water. read more

How to optimize the banner of travel website banner RO

, a guest article published by TravelSpike CEO and co founder Ryan Bifulco.

we know almost no one clicks on banner ads, does it? A good banner has a 1/1000 click rate, so even if your ad is displayed 1 million times, it’s only 1000 hits.

even if you put in a lot of advertising budgets, you may get only 1-2 bookings from these 1000 clicks. But what about the other 999000 browsers who don’t click ads?

facts have proved that many visitors will go directly to your website in a few weeks, so that you can make a reservation. read more